Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lighting Upgraded

     I had a couple of good nibbles on the 400 and really thought it might sell but it didn't.  Its getting too close to Los Coyotes, LAB2V, etc. so the ads are down for now and its time to work on the finishing touches.

     I'm hoping that I don't have to ride after sunset at all but its better to be prepared.  My DOT legal Cyclops headlight is great for road use, but not terribly good offroad unless you're going really slow.  Been sitting on a couple Rigid LED's waiting to see which bike they were going on.  Wiring is still a little temporary and I don't like how the blinkers sit so that will be addressed but I wanted to see how they worked.  1 spot, 1 flood, 1 hell of a lot more light!

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