Sunday, September 23, 2012

For Sale

Despite the claims from friends that I'm an idiot, I actually put my beloved 400 up for sale.  Based on the decent 400's I've seen on Craigslist, it would cost about $6000 to get one of those and duplicate my bike.  Even then that wouldn't include the custom parts I machined or the endless hours of cleaning, powder coating, painting, and polishing.  So an asking price of $4900 seemed fair.  I've seen similar 400's sold for around that price so it seems about right.  Plus I've gotten a few nibbles so we'll see.  I've got the LA > Barstow to Vegas ride coming up in November so I'll definitely have to pull the ad down sometime in early October.  Last thing I want to risk is having a new bike to tweak and figure out during that ride.  But who knows?  Might actually sell it in the next couple weeks and then I'll be scrambling to find a suitable replacement and get it tuned to my riding.

Why sell it?  Well to be honest because I'm running out of things to do to it.  Fixing bikes up is my hobby and at some point you start to discover yourself dreaming up goofy things that you can do just so you have a next project.  I can't even rely on this bike to break down properly since it just runs and runs and runs.  I'm in no hurry to sell it and to be honest I wouldn't be the least bit upset if I don't get any offers.  I'm not going to budge on the price since the plan is to replace it with a KTM (Keep Throwing Money) and start pimping that out.  Those KTM's aren't cheap to buy and then they just get more expensive from there!  I figure if there's somebody out there that wants a great turn-key bike that's bulletproof, gets a lot of attention, and won't need anything but oil changes and 5 minute valve adjustments for the next decade or so, then this is their bike.  If not, then I expect that my 2 year old will be riding this for his DMV motorcycle test - probably on the same piston that's in there now.

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