Monday, August 20, 2012

XR400 Specifications

Having received a request to name some specific parts on my XR400R, I not-so-quickly realized that my quick solution to link the curious party to this blog wouldn't work.  Turns out I never actually listed any specific parts on here.  I suck, I know.  All 379 people that have somehow mislinked themselves down a long road of google images, finally arriving on this page can now commence with the stoning.

I'm intentionally leaving out the vendors where I purchased these items except in cases where I only know of one place that has them.  If for some reason google has failed you and you just can't find one of these parts, shoot me a message.

Cockpit (not counting fork conversion):

-ProTaper Evo 1 1/8" handlebars CR-High Bend (looking back the Windham MX/RM bend would have been better for my 6' frame as these are a tiny bit too low).

ProTaper Metal Mullisha Grips

-Doubletake RAM mount mirrors 

-MSR Roll Chart Holder

-Garmin GPSmap 76Cx with RAM mount, 12v adapter, and cradle (Not for sale btw.  It's cheap and easily replaceable but would be annoying to lose my waypoints and routes)

Trailtech Vapor Speedometer/Computer with billet mount.

-ProCycle Mini handlebar combination switch, ignition key switch, 12v horn (behind headlight)

-Acerbis Cyclops Headlight

-Acerbis Uniko Vented Handguards

-MSR Grip Lever Set Black (1996 XR400)

-Tusk billet fuel cap

-Clarke 3.8 gallon XR400 fuel tank w/ petcock

CRF450 Fork Conversion:

-Total cost was about $600.  Emig pressed the new stem into the CRF Triple so only work I did was the assembly.  Took about an hour once I had all the parts.

-2008 CRF450 Triple clamps (top and bottom), and fork tubes

-2004 CRF450 front wheel

-2004 CR250 front brake caliper (bolt spacing changed in 2004+, otherwise the stock XR caliper would have worked)

-Emig Racing XR400 conversion stem with bore bushing

-Polisport lower fork protectors

-Acerbis CRF450 front fender (trimmed in rear to clear frame)
   *In earlier pics you'll see I had the Acerbis Supermoto Fender.  I never got used to its 17" wheel curve so I swapped it out.


-Polisport side panels and rear fender

-Random $5 MSR fanny pack from a bike show that I made into a fender bag

-LED tail light assembly - came with the bike

-Scotts Shark Fin rear brake guard

-Tusk mini stalk turn signals

-Aluminum bash plate from unknown manufacturer 

-Luggage:  Wolfman E-12 Enduro Saddle Bags (side bags), Wolfman Enduro Duffle (on top of saddle bags), Tusk Tank Bag (modified with microfiber liner sewn on - needs a bottom strap to really be useful).  These are also not included if I sell the XR.  They're universal fit so they'll be going on my next bike.


-Rear econo hub and CACR wheel from RadMFG.  (Don't be dumb and order a 19" like I did thereby limiting your DOT tire selection considerably.  If you run offroad tires it really doesn't matter.)

-Tubeliss front and rear

-Revalved/resprung for my weight

-Pirelli MT-21 rear, Dunlop D606 front

-Scotts chain guide

-15/40 Drive Street

-14/40 Drive Dirt


-FMF Q4 Exhaust

-Kibblewhite valves and springs

-Stock compression, 1 over stock Wiseco piston

-Mikuni pumper carb from XR's Only

-Uni Filter

-NGK Iridium DPR8EIX-9 spark plug (The pumper carb gave me 1-kick starts 95% of the time, this bumped it up to 99%)

-Ricky Stator 200w stator converted to DC with battery located under the fuel tank.

XR's Only front sprocket cover with a custom teflon case saver made by me.

Tusk folding shift lever (not shown in below pic)

-Black highlights are done with a light coat of Engine Enamel paint

Older pic but I seem to be lacking a good view of the left engine case.