Monday, December 15, 2014

I Concede

Adventure bikes.  Ok, they have their merits...

So maybe my Moab trip made me realize that trucking a pure dirtbike a couple thousand miles just to ride trails a sportbike could do wasn't the most fun option.  Sure I did hard stuff in Moab, but I had the most fun on the easy trails.  So queue the BMW (and excuse my recent discovery/interest in HDR photography):

She's a bit rough around the edges but solid where it counts.  Here's the specs:

2009 BMW F800GS
35k miles
Mirage 2 Fairing
Caribou Panniers
Rekluse Clutch
Few other bits of kit...

Stay tuned...
Death Valley?   Soon.
Baja?  A bit later...

Added a few bits: