Monday, December 15, 2014

I Concede

Adventure bikes.  Ok, they have their merits...

So maybe my Moab trip made me realize that trucking a pure dirtbike a couple thousand miles just to ride trails a sportbike could do wasn't the most fun option.  Sure I did hard stuff in Moab, but I had the most fun on the easy trails.  So queue the BMW (and excuse my recent discovery/interest in HDR photography):

She's a bit rough around the edges but solid where it counts.  Here's the specs:

2009 BMW F800GS
35k miles
Mirage 2 Fairing
Caribou Panniers
Rekluse Clutch
Few other bits of kit...

Stay tuned...
Death Valley?   Soon.
Baja?  A bit later...

Added a few bits:


  1. Hi, can you explain wich filter did you use in Photomatix to obtain the HDR photo? Could you please give me your filter HDR? Have you used other programs or only photomatix?

    1. Honestly I just played around and came up with that. I took 5 photos from super dark to really bright and then clicked around on the Photomatix default choices until I had a few pictures I liked. Only other program I've used for HDR is one that's specifically for astrophotography.