Monday, June 11, 2012

DR Diet

Not really keen to write a whole 'How to change your handlebars' thread so I'll just say that I'm trying to drop some weight off that pig of a bike, DR.  Figured the handlebars and battery were a good place to start since they're both heavy and they're both above the center of gravity.  Plus I'm sure the rotation of the heavy bars verses light bars must have some sort of gyroscopic coefficient.

Update:  I've had a few people ask if the new bars increase the vibration since the stock bars have weighted ends.  I'm happy to say that if anything I think that there's less bar vibration.  Those Pro Tapers are pretty springy so I think that actually works to dampen some of those vibrations.  All in all both mods were great with no downsides to report about either.  Battery has had zero issues and I haven't even bothered with a tender. 

Stock vs. Pro Taper Evo handlebars = 0.75lb saved

Conventional lead/acid vs. Ballistic Evo2 battery = 4.125lbs saved:


Foam needed to retain battery strap: