Monday, October 29, 2012

For Sale (2.0)

     With no luck on selling the XR before the LAB2V, I turned my attention to the lonely DR.  Sadly my wife just hasn't developed the desire to learn to ride on two wheels.  She says its still too heavy and too tall - both of which are going to be true if you've only got 4 hours of cumulative riding time on the bike since we bought it 7 months ago.  Ironically with my 10 minute rides once per week to keep it running smooth I think I've got just as much time on the seat as she does.  I can't find a lighter or shorter alternative so looks like this endeavor was a bust.  Anyway its been a nice little bike, let the Craigslist lowball offers ensue!
7 months, 49 miles, and $450 worth of upgrades

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