Saturday, August 31, 2013

Meet the Pops

     I think I've spent at least 200 man-hours trying to convince my dad to get a dual sport and join me on my rides.  Yeah he's 63, so what?  He's actually in damn good shape compared to a lot of the guys I see out on the trails, and there's plenty of riders that are older than him - especially in the dual sport community.  Plus he used to ride when he was younger - granted a few things have changed in the 40 years since he last rode a bike.  Imagine my surprise last week when he suggested that we start looking for a bike for him...

     The search ended on a 2013 WR250R.  From reading the forums, I can't seem to find anyone that doesn't love these bikes.  A few guys have wanted more power than you can get out of these engines and have gone to a larger platform, but even they have said that they loved everything else about it.  The bike is rock-solid reliable too.  I mean valve adjustments at 26,000 miles suggested by the manufacturer???  That's just plain silly right there.  Anyway I like the bike, and I think it'll be enough to keep him busy without feeling overwhelmed.  I snapped a quick pic of it while its still all shiny and scratch free.

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