Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New support vehicle

     Sadly not much news to report on actual riding.  I went on a trip to Mammoth but a combined effort from the hotel, wife, kid, dog, and broken motorcycle gremlins only allowed me to use about 1/2 tank of fuel - mostly on the road.  Nothing major broke on the motorcycle.  Have a small oil leak around the valve cover, but I snapped my fuel filter.  A 5 minute fix when your wife isn't grocery shopping 20 minutes away in town in your only other vehicle.

     On the other hand, my failed Mammoth trip did light the fire into getting a truck that I would trust to pull my trailer.  My Nissan Titan is a lemon.  It's on its 3rd rear differential (leaking again), 2nd front diff, 3rd set of exhaust headers, constantly blows fuses to the trailer brakes - I hate the thing.  So instead I managed to trade in the lemon for a 2013 Dodge 2500 HD Diesel.  Weeee!

    Haven't had the chance to tow with it yet but the thing is a BEAST!

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