Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ride Number Two

     I gotta admit.  I'm enjoying having my dad along for rides.  Better than that, it appears that he's actually enjoying himself as well.  

The bike is working out great and I think we really hit a home run on choosing the WRR.  As with any new bike, there's a learning curve where you figure out how the bike handles to different situations and where the limitations lie.  Turns out the same methodology applies to dads that haven't been on a motorcycle in 40+ years.  He's doing great - way better than a new rider, but these bikes are quite a bit different than anything he's used to.  Don't get me wrong, he loves his bike.  We're taking it easy - just doing some short runs in the local hills to loosen up the joints and get him more comfortable on the bike.  Last week we did 25 miles and I uh...forgot to take any pictures.  Today we did 35 miles, and I managed to dig the camera out a few times and snap some shots.  I'm trying to reintroduce him to riding gently and having fun the whole way, rather than just dump him into a 200 mile day and see if he'll ride again once the swelling subsides. 

Back to the 'dad enjoying himself' thing.  We're actually having a dialogue about places he wants to go riding!  Its kinda weird after 20ish years of bugging the guy to come riding with me.  Death Valley, Moab, Colorado, Anza Borrego, and various local aviation memorials have all entered discussion.   Next ride if the weather cooperates I think we're going to ditch the local mountains and head for the desert.

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