Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The problem with blogs

No I haven't fallen off the face of the planet, nor have I abandoned this blog.  I'm just eyeball deep with school and I've had no time to ride, let alone update a silly blog about stuff that I used to get to do when I actually had free time.

The KTM hasn't seen much dirt yet, but I've gotten a few miles in on the street (mostly commuting ugh).  Sad to say I'm still working out the bugs and putting the few remaining 'must-have' mods on.  The gasket on the clutch cover had gotten sucked into the case and was pissing oil all over the engine every time I rode at higher speeds.  Took me forever to figure out where all the oil was coming from since I couldn't duplicate the leak even on a bike stand.

I slapped on a radiator fan with a manual switch to keep the temp in check and an aftermarket stator to give me some juice to play with.  

The old battery was shot and would only hold a charge for half a day after leaving overnight on the trickle charger - sneaky one Mr. Previous Owner.  I swapped it out for a Ballistic battery and saved 3-4lbs in the process.  Spent the day today hooking up my LED offroad lights and a 12v socket for the GPS.

I was a bit on the fence about my fairly ghetto mounting system for the lights.  But once I installed everything I really liked the utilitarian look of it.  Some might say the lights stand out and don't flow with the lines of the bike, I say it just looks beefy and mean.  They're the same Rigid Industries 1 spot/1 flood that I put on the XR months back.

So next week I'm off for Spring Break.  Its the 1st time I've ever actually needed a break from school and I'm desperately looking forward to it.  I've set Anza Borrego in my sights and I refuse to cancel the trip.  I've been wanting to check that place out since I moved back to California 2 years ago and this is my chance.  Hopefully the bike behaves and I have a safe and rewarding vacation.

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