Monday, December 31, 2012

BAM!  Mmmm that orange Kool-Aid is goo-ooo-ooooood.  My new-to-me 2007 KTM 450EXC!

Yeah okay so my last post said that this bike was my runner-up and I was gonna hold out for a 525.  That was before I talked with several riding mates (big shout out to all the guys at District-37!).  So yeah the consensus was that this looked like a clean bike for a decent price, and had some nice mods that I'd want to do right away anyway.  I found a few 525's but they weren't as nicely equiped and most seemed to be in some state of repair. 

The folks I talked to said that the 450 was plenty of power, especially coming off an XR.  Also, and this was what sold me, its not terribly expensive to change the 450 into a 525 if I ever feel the need.  The bike is pretty clean, although the plastics have some decent wear from your usual dirt spills.  They're fine for now, but I might eventually pick up a set of street plastics and keep these for off road use.

So on delivery it has: 
FMF Powercore silencer, Scotts steering stabilizer, Clarke 3.2 gallon tank, extra high cushion Enduro Engineering seat, Enduro Engineering aluminum skid plate, Baja Designs blinker/headlight control switch, Promoto kick stand, Fastway adjustable extra wide foot pegs, Z Racing tuned and jetted, Clean Racing valved tuned forks/shock. 1 ride on new Dunlop tires, heavy duty tubes.
Not too shabby!  The tires aren't DOT so those will go.  I'll swap em to Tubeliss again of course.  The previous owner ran it without mirrors usually but included the stock ones.  I put my Doubletake mirrors on as soon as I got it home.  I'll need to pick up a different ram ball mount to get them where I want but that's easy enough.  Anyway all in all a nice find and I'm excited for the new project.  Stay tuned...

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