Friday, November 16, 2012

Last Minute LAB2V Work

     It's finally here!  I read about the LAB2V back in July of last year but I just couldn't gather up the funds needed to make it happen in 2011.  So for the last year or so I've been prepping my bike for longer excursions away from potential rescue.  While the LAB2V isn't exactly isolated from rescue, it is 500 off road miles over desert terrain and I really don't want to break down.  I've spent too much effort on this ride to bail out 20 miles in on day 1.
     Well since I'm planning on selling the XR after this ride, I really tried to not spend money on parts that I can't put on my next bike.  In some cases, like grip heaters and a new 18" wheel, I failed miserably.  In others, like new off road lighting and Cycra handguards I did quite well.
     Also as a side note.  I sold the DR200SE.  The wife never put the time in to learn how to ride it and so she was never comfortable with it.  I broke even so at least it was a free test to see if the dual sport bug would bite her.  Going to hang onto the money and put it towards the purchase of the KTM when somebody buys the XR.  Yep, I put it back on the market for $4500 - a pretty fair deal when you figure that's about the cost of just the aftermarket parts it has on there.  Buy the accessories, get an XR for free?  Plus this is California where a plate adds $1000 to the value of the bike.  I've seen plenty of clean but stock XR's being sold for $3000+ with a plate out here.

Just some overall pics of where the bike is today since I tend to swap things around a lot.

Couple pics of the engine bay.  Finally cleaned up the oil filter plate, plan to do the stator and clutch covers as well after the ride.

Finally!  Everyone raves about these Pirelli MT-43's for dual sport use.  My 19" wheel always limited me but a new wheel fixed that.

Only reason I snagged these Cycra Pro Bend handguards is because I plan to put them on my next bike.  Way too spendy for handguards in my opinion and they don't fit nearly as well on this bike as my Uniko's.  I just wanted the lever protection for the ride and when I swap to the KTM hydraulic clutch I'll really need to run them.  The Uniko's do a fine job for bug and gravel deflection, they just don't do anything for crashes.
Had to move the blinkers for the new lights.  I'm not crazy about their placement.  I found some nice LED blinkers that mount to the handguards so I'll be replacing those soon.


Rigid LED lights in spot and flood.  They're a seriously nice upgrade over the Cyclops but not DOT approved for on road use.  Another mod I'll be removing right after the ride so the wiring is all just sort of wedged behind the headlight.

My dash as it stands now.  Swapped the CR-High bend bars for the slightly higher Windham bend to make riding while standing more comfortable.  I mounted the switches for the 2 LED lights and the grip heater hi/low switch up here as a temporary solution.  Actually I really like them there and think that's where I'll keep em.  Very convenient location and looks good too.  You can also see my twisted strand grip heater wires which are just sort of laying across the triple.  I'm planning to completely gut the electrical in the very near future because I'm getting more and more of these semi-temporary electrical solutions.

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