Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just some new pics

God I hate changing tires.  Especially when you have two new tires to deal with.  That POS Shinko didn't want to come off the rim but eventually I won the battle.  New shoe is a 120/80x19 Pirelli MT21 Rallycross.  Back to the traditional knobbie, albeit DOT legal - I just hope it lasts longer.

Since the weather was overcast and I haven't washed the bike since before I got caught in a deluge last week I decided that it would be a less-than-ideal time to snap some new pictures.  That storm also made me realize that I desperately need some rain gear before the LAB2V ride in November.

The tank bag is new.  $16 at RMATV.  Part of the money left over after they graciously accepted my Wrigley's Shinko.  Haven't tried it yet although I'm nervous the cordura nylon underside is going to scratch up the tank.  Might see if I can sew a piece of microfiber on there.

I also finally got around to picking up spares for my clutch, brake, and shift levers.  Of course the new ones were much nicer looking than the old ones so the old ones are the new spares.

My DIY 'Honda Wing' graphics are bubbling bad so that idea was a bust.  I wasn't really going to mention my brilliant idea of buying sheet vinyl unless it worked.  I'm out $14 but I can salvage that a bit by making a few trim pieces that won't be on the tank.  Really though, I just need to find some clean and simple graphics that don't cost $200.  Seriously who pays that kind of money for stickers?  Plus finding graphics that aren't full of neon swooshes, dice, skulls, flames, half naked demon chicks, etc. is actually rather difficult.

MX aftermarket graphic design seems to be stuck in 1984.  I can't grow a mullet so there's no way I can put those graphics on my bike and look the part.  Why do we even have decibel limits on our exhausts when you can't hear them over the obnoxious sticker kits anyway?

I also realized that I don't have any pics of my cockpit with the GPS mounted.  It's a Garmin 76Cx which is pretty much the standard GPS of the dual sport community.  Seriously don't mess around with other GPS's - just get one of these.  They're cheap and since everyone has one, getting help or just handing them to the ride organizers to upload your route for the day becomes so much simpler.  It's mounted using a U-bolt Ram mount.  The arm is placed as close to perpendicular to the forks as I could get to dampen vibration.  Unfortunately I thought it would be clever to make a stupid face in the mirror.  Just ignore the douche making kissy faces...

All the crap with the tire made me forget about painting my clutch and stator covers during this last oil change.  So it'll have to wait until next time.  Also barely visible in this pic is my custom made prototype teflon case saver.  Its mounted behind the XRs Only front sprocket cover.  

Last but not least this blog will finally get a ride report I think.  Got the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Ride For Kids this Sunday.  Can't wait!  Should be good times for a good cause.

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