Monday, March 26, 2012

Wings, shoes, and head

Planets aligned, a chicken was sacrificed, and I FINALLY got to go riding.

Hard to see in the first picture but I've made a few changes to the ol' XR.  First there's the new shoes: A Shinko Trail Pro 255 rear and a Dunlop D606 front with the Tubeliss system installed.  Also I haven't liked how naked my bike looks but I'm too cheap to buy graphics.  So I made those wings on the side of the tank.  Vote's out still, I'm not sure I like em.

But yeah what a great way to kick off spring break - especially since it's time for the ol' mule to go under the knife.  It's been smoking a bit on startup for the past few weeks which points to worn valve guide seals.  Having never been in the engine since I got it however, I'm expecting other issues to arise. 

As it turns out, taking a peek at the internals revealed both good and bad news.  The good news is these engines are just as indestructible as I've heard.  The bad news is, my 16 year old bike has never been opened up so everything in there is original and worn right down to the service limits.

New parts are on order and should arrive later this week.  The cylinder will go out for a bore and hone once the piston gets here, but something tells me this engine won't be done until after spring break is over.  In the meantime, I've got plenty of carbon to remove and some engine parts to clean and paint.

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